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Jack's wish to have a Dr. Who Bedroom makeover

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“ Jack LOVES his bedroom. He says it’s ‘too awesome’! ”

Just after his 8th birthday, Jack walked into his room and let out a shriek.

And though he had been fighting leukemia for the past two years, it had nothing to do with pain. Jack was thrilled—his room had been transformed into the TARDIS, the combination time machine and spacecraft from his favorite TV show, Dr. Who. Two years earlier, when Jack had been referred to Make-A-Wish, his tastes had been different: he wanted to meet Lady Gaga and loved the song “Monster.” But while he waited to meet her, he had discovered a new love.

Jack Bedroom Makeover Dr. Who

Jack “became obsessed” with Dr. Who, says his mom, Crystal. “Jack has watched Dr. Who almost every day for the past two years or so. He rarely watches anything else.” And though his parents had given his room a Dr. Who makeover already, when he thought about his wish some more, he realized what he wanted most was to have his room be transformed, including adding a console to his own personal TARDIS. When interior designer Julie Giampaoli offered her services, the room design really took shape. She helped shepherd resources to the project, including carpenters who could create the console he really wanted.

“I was more than a little nervous when they started drilling into my ceiling. But this was Jack’s wish and I just had to trust the process” Crystal wrote in her blog. Her trust paid off. “Jack LOVES his bedroom. He says it’s ‘too awesome’! We are all so very thankful to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, their volunteers, and supporters for helping bring Jack’s wish to fruition and putting some magic back into his life. We will treasure this experience for the rest of our lives!”

Jack Bedroom Makeover Dr. Who


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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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