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Ava's wish to be a fashion designer


“ My little girl is feeling so special, and not in a negative way! ”

- Ava's mom, Amy

Eight-year-old Ava loves fashion, including designing clothes for herself and her mother, father and brothers. She even has plans to make clothes for the family dog! When she’s older, Ava plans to live in Paris and work as a fashion designer.

Even before her wish to be a fashion designer was granted, Ava and her family felt the positive impact of a wish come true.  For starters, looking forward to her wish helped ease the daunting experience of a surgery Ava underwent last summer. Her mom, Amy, explained, “It's so nice for Ava to be excited about something so huge [that’s not] a surgery.”

The wish was also a source of inspiration. In advance of her wish, Amy said, “It is getting her juices flowing in other places like reading, learning math, drawing, songwriting, and just smiling all the time talking about her wish to meet fashion designers.”


Ava traveled to Los Angeles for her wish, where Trixxi Clothing and Erica Courtney Jewelry helped her live the life of a designer.

At Erica Courtney, Ava admired sapphire and emerald crystals under a microscope before geeting to work designing jewelry in her sketchpad.  Next, Ava learned how the company creates designs on the computer, and what those digital designs look like before they are made into live pieces. Ava even took a phone call from a customer, and helped process a custom jewelry order, which she said made her feel like a “16-year-old.”  


To cap it all off, Ava’s wish included dress up and modeling! After an inspirational wish experience, Ava is ready to take the fashion world by storm.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! ”

— Ava's mom, Amy

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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