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Rachel's wish to meet Ayesha Curry

Rachel, dad, Ayesha Tour The Mark Makers

“ Rachel had an ear to ear grin from the moment I saw her... ”

- Wish photographer, Alissa

Rachel, who suffers from a rare genetic disease, says Ayesha inspires her through her love of family and cooking. She and her family flew in to San Francisco from their home state of Arkansas so Rachel could spend the day with Ayesha, and said that her admiration for the cookbook author and restauranteur was one of the reasons she got into cooking in the first place.

This past August, the two met at Ayesha’s restaurant, International Smoke in San Francisco, before the busy lunch service got underway. Ayesha presented Rachel with her own customized chef’s coat and the two started cooking at a station set up just for them. Together they put the finishing touches on a tomato burrata salad and some ribs, while they chatted about what they each loved about cooking. 

Rachel and Ayesha Torch.01

As our photographer (and wish mom herself), Alissa, documented the wish, she noticed: “Rachel had an ear to ear grin from the moment I saw her. They laughed, talked, cooked, ate...the whole experience was truly magical to witness.”

Rachel's Family

Rachel and her family were then given a tour of the kitchen before heading to Golden Gate Park. While there, Ayesha took Rachel through the Conservatory of Flowers and then set up a picnic outside on the lawn for everyone to enjoy. Naturally, their lunch consisted of the food they had prepared together. Says Alissa, “It felt so casual, so comfortable—it was like a group of longtime friends breaking bread (or in this case biscuits) while talking about everything from kids to culinary school.”

Rachel picnic.01

They spent a few hours chatting, during which Rachel said she’d like to get into a culinary program at her local college. Ayesha encouraged her to follow her passion and told her that she would be checking in on her on Instagram to track her progress. She also presented Rachel with a signed cookbook, some spatulas from her line, and a Zara gift card (Zara is Rachel’s favorite store). As a final surprise, she let Rachel know there would be a box of cookware waiting for her when she got home from her wish. Though this is Ayesha Curry’s first wish, she gave Rachel an MVP wish experience!

"Meeting Ayesha was truly a surreal experience! As an aspiring chef, I have always looked up to her as a role model, and I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to spend the day with Ayesha. I had been dreaming of my make a wish day for a long time but in all my dreams, I never imagined cooking and having a picnic with Ayesha. Her genuine kindness blew me away, and I enjoyed every moment I spent with her. Most importantly, being able to share this day and once in a lifetime experience with my family made it all the better." ”

— Wish child, Rachel

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