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Kasey's wish to meet Theresa Caputo

Kasey's wish to meet Theresa Caputo

“ Theresa and the Make-A-Wish team gave us more than we ever could have dreamed ”

Kasey has a lot in common with Theresa Caputo, best known for her reality TV show, "Long Island Medium," on which she helps people communicate with the dead.

They both wear bold French manicures and love make-up. They both have fun-loving, strong, down-to-earth personalities. And, like Theresa, Kasey communicates with the spirit world.

Kasey also has cystic fibrosis. Every day, she takes 50 pills and uses various inhalers to manage her illness. Twice a day for 30 minutes, she wears a special vest designed to clear her lungs so she can breathe more easily.

Kasey's wish to meet Theresa CaputoKasey's wish to meet Theresa Caputo

Kasey would have been ecstatic just to meet Theresa, but she got to do much more than that. She joined Theresa for sound check before her show, which was on tour in Chicago. They had lunch together, and she gave Kasey a reading. Kasey, an aspiring cosmetologist, even got to do Theresa's make-up. The next day, Kasey appeared on TV with Theresa, who was co-hosting a Chicago talk show. "Kasey felt so comfortable with Theresa that she wasn't even nervous," says Sandy.

As for her daughter's communications with the spirit world, Sandy doesn't pass judgment. She's just grateful that Kasey had the opportunity to connect with someone who understands her experiences and can help her cope with them. "Theresa gave Kasey advice and tools she can use for a lifetime," Sandy says.
Sandy continues, "Kasey was extremely happy the entire trip, and she is still flying high. Theresa and the Make-A-Wish team gave us more than we ever could have dreamed."

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