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Poema's wish to go to Disney World

Poema Disney World Wish

“ Everybody responded so warmly and kindly to us. ”

When Poema was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she was 3 and her brother was just 8 months old. She had to be pulled out of the preschool she loved, and her parents had to move closer to the clinic where she was being treated.

It was a “radical change in lifestyle” and “constant anguish and stress,” say her parents, Alejandra and Adam. All during that time, however, she would dress up as princesses—from Snow White to Ariel, Sleeping Beauty to Tinkerbelle.

Poema Disney World Wish

Poema chose Disney World for her wish not just so that she could meet the real princesses, but also so that her grandfather would be able to drive down and join them for her wish. Say her parents, “Adam’s father had not been able to fly out to California to see Poema, and we felt it would be wonderful for her to spend time with her grandfather.” After almost a year in treatment, Poema and her family were able to realize her wish to meet the Disney princesses she adores, and the experience “was wonderful from beginning to end” say her parents. “It was amazing to see how everybody—from the airline crew to the Disney staff—responded so warmly and kindly to us once they knew we were part of the Make-A-Wish program.”

Besides meeting all of her favorite princesses and being hugged by each one, Poema got to feed dolphins at Sea World and go on a safari at Animal Kingdom. She is now in the maintenance phase of her treatment, which means daily oral chemotherapy, monthly infusions, antiobiotics, steroids and lumbar punctures for the rest of the year. But Poema is responding well to treatment, and her doctors are optimistic about her remission.

Her parents sent us this kind note after getting back from their trip: “We are so grateful to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and all the donors who made Poema’s wish possible. It was particularly special to see Poema be the recipient of so much love and generosity as well as to see how compassionate, caring and giving strangers can be.” Thanks to everyone who helped one little girl feel like a real princess.

Poema Disney World Wish

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