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Oliver's wish to go to Tokyo, Japan


“ Since his trip, Oliver has been drawing anime every day and has been learning Japanese. ”

OliverWhen his wish grantors arrived at his house to deliver his custom-made cake with an image of Tokyo on it, 13 year old Oliver was “full of life and very excited about his dream wish of a trip to Tokyo!” Oliver has been going through chemotherapy for acute lymphoid leukemia, and his wish was inspired by his love of all things anime. Anime is a form of Japanese animated productions, and Oliver’s favorites include Pokemon and Naruto, the story of an adolescent ninja.

During his trip to Japan in April, Oliver got to experience many of the aspects of the Japanese culture he so admires. He got to try on a kimono, visit a hot spring and Buddhist temple, admire the blossoms on a sakura tree. The highlight, however was his visit to the Pokemon Center and to Akihabara, a major shopping area for anime and electronic games.

Since his trip to Japan, Oliver has been drawing anime every day when he gets home from school and has been trying to learn how to speak Japanese from his father who lived there for 5 years. His mother says, “Whenever kids at school tell him they’re sorry he has leukemia or mention his disease, he always looks on the bright side. Oliver tells them, “it's okay I got to go to Tokyo!" 


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