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Breezy's wish to swim with dolphins

Breezy's wish to swim with dolphins

“ As she shares her stories, she can’t help but smile. ”

Breezy knew that she wanted to swim with dolphins in Hawaii for her wish, but most importantly, she knew she wanted all four of her siblings to join her.

They have given her their "unconditional support throughout the past year as she fought and lost her leg to osteosarcoma" say her parents, Debbie and Stan.

Breezy's wish to swim with dolphins

The family of six describes their stay on Waikiki as "simply amazing." In addition to snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, the family hiked to the top of Diamond Head State Monument. "Breezy climbed, hopped and pulled her way to the top, scaling one stair at a time on her power leg, never letting her prosthetic hold her back. We arrived at the top to a wonderful view of O’ahu and a feeling of true accomplishment."

When the day arrived for Breezy to realize her dream of swimming with dolphins, she was treated to a most unusual sight—the rare Wholphin (half whale, half dolphin)—which she "petted, held, kissed and swam with." "As she shares her stories with friends and family, she can’t help but smile" say her parents. On their last day in Hawaii, Breezy enjoyed a luau at Paradise Cove with her family, and even got on stage to learn the dance.

Breezy's wish to swim with dolphins

After her wish, Breezy’s family sent us a lovely note. "This trip was the first time the family has been together in several months. It was a wonderful, relaxing experience that we will look back on with fondness and appreciation for those who made Breezy’s wish come true."


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