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Jaiyana's wish to go to Disney World

Jaiyana 648 x 444 -

“ [She] forgot all about her limitations ”

- Juana, Jaiyana's mom

  • Jaiyana , 6

    • heart condition
    • I wish to go to Disney World

At age 6, Jaiyana has already experienced more hardships than most adults ever will. She has gone through countless hospital visits, multiple open-heart surgeries, and many sleepless nights. The one thing that lifted her up with excitement and joy during the difficult times was thinking about the endless possibilities of a wish. When dreaming about her upcoming wish, Jaiyana “forgot all about her limitations,” says her mother, Juana.

When the volunteer wish granters sat down with Jaiyana for her interview, they were impressed by her enthusiasm and clarity. When they asked the big question: “If you could wish for anything in the world what would it be?” Jaiyana quickly responded with “Disney!” She explained how she has always wanted to be a princess and to see the castle. She was excited to meet as many princesses as she could while she was there, and to have a princess makeover of her own!

After learning that she would receive her wish, Juana said there was a huge boost within her daughter. She says Jaiyana’s face would light up with excitement simply imagining what Disney World would be like. This new-found motivation extended into the wish trip itself. Jaiyana’s parents say she had more energy during her wish trip than she has had in a long time.

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“She has never walked that much since she had her heart surgery,” says Juana. “Jaiyana was walking all around the parks, which pleasantly surprised me and my husband, and she was so happy!”

From meeting Belle to a princess makeover at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Jaiyana received the royal treatment, and her happiness was palpable. “I took a video of Jaiyana and sent it to her kindergarten teacher,” shares Juana, “and her teacher was so blown away by how happy Jaiyana was in the video, that she made a donation to Make-A-Wish right away!”

Today, more than a year after having her wish granted, Jaiyana is doing the best she has in her six years of life, according to her mother. She was able to return to school with her friends after being in a home school program for the first half of kindergarten. Empowered by her wish, Jaiyana has new energy to take charge of her life and continue to fight her illness.

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