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Nov 13, 2019

Skye’s Passion for Vintage Planes Takes Her to Canada

I’m Skye, a 15-year-old Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor whose wish was to go to the Canadian Arctic to see a functioning fleet of World War Two airplanes.

When I had the opportunity through Make-A-Wish to finally see my favorite planes, the choice was obvious. In the summer of 2019 after my chemotherapy was complete, I finally got on the plane to Yellowknife, Canada.  

I spent all my hard times while I was sick planning and thinking about what would happen, months of building up my expectations and, still, I was so amazed by how phenomenal the trip was. 

I was given an entire week to make my wish come true, including a VIP hanger tour, the ability to go inside all of my favorite planes that I had spent years fantasizing about, a ride in the owner of Buffalo Airways float plane, a tour of the archives of a local museum, being recognized by the local government and one of the officials taking me and my family out to dinner, along with the ability to go out and see the northern lights. 

I feel so special to have been granted this wish, and it only makes me more inspired to follow my dream of working with airplanes in the future. Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area gave me hope and happiness in a time when I needed it the most, and I could never thank them enough for what my wish team did for me. 


Me with Mikey McBrian (owner of Buffalo Airways) and my sister, Morgaine. 


Sitting in cockpit of a Buffalo Airlines DC-3 aircraft. 


DC-3, my favorite plane. 

Special thanks to Buffalo Airways owner "Buffalo Joe" McBryan and the Buffalo Airways crew for making Skye’s wish to go to Canada to see vintage aircraft come true.

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