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Jul 22, 2020

4-year-old Sarah dreams of visiting the "biggest park in the world"

Sarah has been through a lot in her young life. When she was just nine months old, she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Now four years old, she's already faced two bone marrow transplants and a grueling round of CAR T-cell therapy.

Despite these hard times, Sarah always has a positive attitude. "She’s a happy girl," says her dad, Leo.

Sarah has always loved spending time in the great outdoors, but her condition has limited her movement. While she is able to camp and play in her backyard—she especially loves blowing bubbles—she can’t venture too far from home.

On one occasion, Sarah was able to visit a fair with her family. It was her favorite day ever. "She wanted to stay there forever," says Leo. She loved being around all the other people, going on rides, and trying out the delicious snacks.

When a social worker at the hospital let Leo know that Sarah qualified for a wish, a trip to Disney World came to mind immediately. "My daughter's true wish is to go to the biggest park in the world," explains Leo. He knew that would be a dream come true for Sarah to experience more of that magic and fun in the happiest place on earth.

"Unfortunately, everything turned scary with COVID," says Leo. Like more than 5,000 wishes nationwide, Sarah's wish is now on hold due to the current pandemic. Leo hopes that they'll be able to celebrate Sarah's fifth birthday at Disney World, but in the meantime, your support sends a message of hope to waiting wish kids like Sarah.

Make-A-Wish is committed to ensuring that no child waits even one unnecessary day to experience the hope and joy that a wish brings. Your support brings experiences of hope to kids as they wait for their wishes and helps us prepare now to ensure all types of wishes are granted—when it is safe.

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