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Oct 19, 2016

A Wish Dad's Thoughts on his Daughter's Wish

Lia's Wish to Go to Hawaii
After battling a hematologic disorder and undergoing chemotherapy, five-year-old Lia wished to go to Hawaii -- a trip that allowed her entire family to relax and celebrate the fact that she is now healthy. Her father, Mariano, sent us these kind words about what the wish meant to Lia and her family:

“Lia’s fulfilled wish to go to Hawaii was a wonderful opportunity to spend some great, relaxing time together, and it is a trip we will always remember with very fond memories. Lia's favorite thing in the world is spending time as a family, with her big brothers in tow, away from the stresses of daily life and with all attention being paid to enjoying one another’s company. So, being able to take this awesome trip could not have been more special for Lia, and in turn for us parents. Watching the joy she had as dolphins swam along our boat was priceless, and even more special than we could have hoped for. 

Lia's Wish to Go to Hawaii

"Throughout our stay, we all felt special and taken care of. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience. The relaxing Hawaiian atmosphere was perfect for us; we had no worries on our minds. After having completed a year of chemotherapy, being able to grant Lia a wish like this was not only a great treat for her, but really a wonderful way for us to celebrate her and the struggles she has had to overcome in her young life, as well as the ultimate way for us to heal and move on from the worries we've had since she was first diagnosed. 

Lia's Wish to Go to Hawaii

"Because we are very lucky that Lia is now healthy and the chemotherapy worked well for her, it’s pretty awesome to think that years from now, when it comes to her disease, the first (and perhaps only) thing she will think of won’t be chemotherapy, medicine, needles or anything of the sort. Instead, she will think of this wonderful wish was given and the great memories we have of our time in Hawaii as a family. We are very grateful to Make-A-Wish and humbled by all the attention that went into planning our adventure."

Lia's Wish to Go to Hawaii

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