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May 10, 2016

Travis Air Force Base Delivers a Royal Wish Send Off

Brinlee's Send-off
Brinlee, 6, has had two strokes, three brain surgeries and an open heart surgery, and also suffers from seizures.

She lives with multiple chronic disabilities, including cerebral palsy.  She loves bright lights, movement and sound. Her wish is to go to Disney World because her parents were surprised by how much she loved the rides at Disneyland—the scarier and faster the ride, the more she enjoyed it!

She and her two brothers (she is a triplet), plus her parents and grandmothers were given an incredible send-off from her home on Travis Air Force Base. Onlookers lined the streets holding signs and cheering, while Brinlee proudly poked her head out of the top of a Humvee, in a parade that included a police escort, firetruck, ATV’s, a limo for her family, Smokey Bear and more. All of this was the mastermind of star wish grantors Jim and Jane Etherington.

Brinlee's Send-off

Brinlee's Send-off

Brinlee with Smokey Bear

Brinlee with Smokey Bear


Brinlee's Send-off

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