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LUV footwear Headquarters


March 18, 2013


San Francisco

Seventeen year old Alison, from Oakland, has dreamed of visiting Paris ever since she was a little girl. Partly, she wanted to visit famous sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but she also dreamed of shopping—specifically shoe shopping. In choosing this wish, Alison wanted to “reach for the stars,” according to her mom, Melissa. Now in remission from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Alison recently completed a very difficult chemotherapy course that made her feel like last summer and the first half of her senior year in high school were “taken away by cancer.” An avid shopper, she looks forward to visiting small boutiques as well as eating some of what France is known for: cheese, fresh bread, and pastries. After all the “emotional stress” of treatment, Alison is “looking forward to something uniquely special. Her wish being granted to go to Paris just makes the losses of the past dim a bit more, and she feels special to be given this unique wish,” says her mom. 

Alison Luv Footwear

As a special send off for her week long visit to Paris, Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area has teamed up with LUV Footwear to give Alison a preview of what shoe design and creation entails. On Friday, March 22nd, Alison and her mother and brother will visit the San Carlos headquarters of LUV Footwear, where they will meet with CEO Michael Toschi and Director of Design, Caroline Cecil. In addition to visiting the showroom, Toschi and Cecil will explain how a shoe is made, and give her a presentation on how the LUV Dream Flat collection was conceived and brought through to production. Alison will also be taking a few pairs of Dream Flats with her on her trip to Paris.

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