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Delilah's wish to go scuba diving in St. Thomas

Delilah's scuba diving wish

“ She never stopped smiling. ”

- Delilah's mom, Elizabeth

Delilah’s mom Elizabeth describes her as “my little mermaid girl,” since she has always loved the water and the natural world.

Delilah has a heart condition, and “has been through more adversity than anyone I’ve ever known,” says her mom, “but you would never know it.” And once she learned her wish would be granted, “Delilah shifted her focus to a more positive future; she believes in herself more.”

Delilah's scuba diving wish

Her wish took her on a scuba diving trip to St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, where she and her family of six “never left the beach but to sleep and eat.” 

Delilah's scuba diving wish

Her scuba instructor, Steve Prosterman from the University of the Virgin Islands, and his wife Lucinda, spent a couple of days with Delilah’s family, helping teach all of them about enjoying marine life from up close. He coached Delilah and Elizabeth on how to get comfortable with all of the scuba gear, even doing an underwater meditation with them. 

Delilah's scuba diving wish

Meanwhile, Lucinda introduced Delilah’s dad, brothers and sister to the joy of snorkeling. Delilah enjoyed her wish so much that she now wants to get her dive certification—maybe even by taking one of Steve’s college dive classes. And Steve enjoyed it so much that he wrote us a letter to say how happy he was to get to know Delilah, and offering to help other wish children learn to dive!

Delilah's scuba diving wish

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