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Taitum's wish to play in the water

Taitum 648x444

“ ...[it] was an experience [that’s] hard to replicate and forget. ”

- Taitum's parents

One thing is clear about Taitum — he loves anything related to the water. With Taitum's love of swimming and interest in petting a dolphin, it seemed fitting to have his wish experience somewhere he could find many ways to play in the water: Discovery Cove in Orlando.

Playing in water, swimming, seeing fish, riding in a boat and petting a dolphin; these are all things Taitum mentioned wanting to do when his wish granters asked him about a wish. But because of the port inserted in his chest, he had been unable to swim or get wet during treatment, so he was eager to get back into the water as soon as he could.

Taitum and Family

At Discovery Cove Taitum “experienced a lot of things he missed while going through his leukemia treatment” say his parents. He swam with a dolphin and snorkeled the tropical reef - something he found “a little scary but exciting.” 

The following day, Taitum experienced another first - water slides - at the water-themed park, Aquatica. It was a momentous day, as he was celebrating his 7th birthday!

Taitum with cake

To capture his wish, Taitum drew a picture of himself swimming with a dolphin. He’s got a big grin on his face. 

Taitum's wish art

His parents described the experience this way: “It was [Taitum's] first close sea creature encounter...between his size and the creature's size, [it] was an experience [that’s] hard to replicate and forget.”

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