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Wish Facts

Wishes matter – and not just for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. Every wish has the potential to positively impact kids, families and even entire communities. Here are some facts that speak to the change that Make-A-Wish® supporters have created in the world.

Through your support:

  • More than 8,000 children in the Greater Bay Area have had their wishes granted by Make-A-Wish since 1984.
  • In fiscal year 2017, Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area granted 400 wishes, the most ever in its history.
  • Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area has more than 650 active volunteers in its territory.

Here's how we grant wishes:

  • Every wish experience is driven by the wish kid’s interests, creativity and personality.
  • To qualify for a wish, a child with a life-threatening medical condition must be older than 2½ years and younger than 18 (at the time of referral) and must not have received a wish from another wish-granting organization.
  • A child can be referred by a parent or guardian, a healthcare professional or by the child.
  • Following referral, a certified medical professional must verify that the child has a life-threatening medical condition. There are no other qualifications based on sex, race, religion, socioeconomic status or any other demographic category.
  • The Walt Disney Company is involved in approximately half of the wishes Make-A-Wish grants.

Here's how you can help grant wishes:

  • Donate airline miles: Nearly 75% of wishes involve travel and Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area needs more than 44,000,000 frequent flier miles each year to cover the cost of wish travel for local wish kids and their families.
  • Refer a child! Our wish granters create an unforgettable experience driven by the child's creativity. It's an incredible experience that enriches not just the lives of the children and their families, but often entire communities.
  • Become a wish granter: Wish granters are absolutely essential to fulfilling each child’s wish! They work in teams of two or three to meet with the wish child, determine his or her heartfelt wish and help plan and fulfill the wish!



A wish improves children’s state of mind, replacing fear with happiness and helping them to feel like normal kids again. ”

— Wish Impact Study

Leila and Tomas

Leila and Tomas

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