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Make-A-Wish® seeks the best people to fulfill our vision of granting a wish for every eligible child. Every person who joins us commits to this vision — and uses it as a guide in every action.

 Make-A-Wish staff 2018

We hold these values in the pursuit of granting wishes: integrity, child focus, excellence, community and inspiration. From program services and operations to fundraising and brand advancement, every staff member fulfills a vital role in our mission.

Professional images by: Benjamin Wallen and Imaginem Productions


Madison Agatha-Mancebo

Marketing Assistant
Direct: 415-321-7380

Eli Agustin

Eli Agustin

Program Associate
Direct: 415-321-7394

Betsy Biern

Betsy Biern

Direct: 415-402-2760


Kelly Bohon

Medical Outreach Associate
Direct: 415-321-7383


Lynne Durie

Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 415-402-2771

Rachel Faught

Rachel Faught

Events Associate
Direct: 415-402-2765

Kristie Figone

Kristie Figone

Senior Development Associate
Direct: 415-321-7386

Joe Flynn

Joe Flynn

Corporate Development Manager
Direct: 415-321-7382

Stefani Govan

Stefani Govan

Executive Assistant
Direct: 415-402-2777

Monica Lynch

Monica Lynch

Marketing Manager
Direct: 415-321-7387


Daniel Marlay

Volunteer Manager
Direct: 415-402-2775


Molly Martin

Development Coordinator
Direct: 415-402-2773


Lisa McIntire

Program Manager
Direct: 415-402-2772

Sary M.

Sary Meas

Database Administrator
Direct: 415-402-2776


Chloe Mecum

Events Director
Direct: 415-402-2774

Ophelia Mose

Ophelia Mose

Operations Coordinator
Direct: 415-321-7398

Beth Nolan

Elizabeth "Beth" Nolan

Program Director
Direct: 415-402-2769


Brennen Ogawa

Senior Events Manager
Direct: 415-321-7385

Taiwo Oluwafunmi

Taiwo Oluwafunmi

Staff Accountant
Direct: 415-321-7391

Shannon Phibbs

Shannon Phibbs

Program Manager
Direct: 415-321-7392


Taylor Quillin

Database Coordinator
Direct: 415-402-2770

Allie Reynolds

Allie Reynolds

Corporate Development Director
Direct: 415-402-2766

Maria Mora Rodriguez

Maria Mora Rodriguez

Program Assistant
Direct: 415-402-2779


Darian Rosengard

Development Associate
Direct: 415-402-2778

Dennis Schrag - Update

Dennis Schrag

Senior Director of Individual Giving
Direct: 415-321-7393

Kristin Tomlinson

Kristin Tomlinson

Program Manager
Direct: 415-402-2768

Ana Maria Vallarino

Ana Maria Vallarino

Program Manager
Direct: 415-402-2763


Micaela Wallen

Senior External Events Manager
Direct: 415-402-2764


Kelsey Wetzstein

Corporate Development Associate
Direct: 415-321-7397

Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area
1333 Broadway
Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612
(415) 982-9474