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Batkid Miles saves San Francisco!

With the continued media coverage around Miles’ wish to be Batkid, we thought it would be helpful to share these answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful experience shared by so many around the world!

Has this wish increased donations?

We have been delighted by the response we’ve gotten from across the Bay Area, the country and worldwide. We have seen an increase in offers of help across all areas, including donations, volunteers, referrals and other services. In fact, the volume of traffic on our servers caused our system-wide websites to go down for several hours on Friday. But Miles’ wish to be Batkid was not a fundraising event and we do not have numbers to share.

How much did this wish cost?
This wish would never have been possible without the assistance of countless individuals, businesses, and city services. It is not our practice to share the costs associated with specific wishes, but the average wish cost is $7,500 and we have never turned a child away or put them on a waiting list for lack of funding. 

What did it cost the mayor’s office?
When the event grew from a few hundred people on the steps of City Hall to what would obviously become a 20,000+ crowd and an event that would be broadcast to the world, a different set up was required quickly. The mayor’s office worked closely with Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area to successfully co-host the Civic Center public viewing event and since the wish took place, Make-A-Wish donors John and Marcia Goldman have stepped forward to cover the entire cost to the city. Miles brought smiles and hope to children living with life threatening medical conditions in San Francisco and all over the world. San Francisco is proud to have been a part of this once in a lifetime event.

Is it possible to talk to Miles or his family?
Due to the exceptionally high interest in Miles’ wish to be Batkid, we have received a significant number of interview requests. We are truly awestruck by the response to Miles' wish from the people of San Francisco (and beyond) and the media. It was an exhilarating day for Miles and his family, but they are ready to spend their time out of the limelight for a while. For that reason, we ask that you submit any requests for an interview in writing to 

Is it possible to talk to a staff person, Batman, etc?
For all interview requests, please send a message to with any pertinent details. For any inquiries about this event's social media strategy or execution, please contact Clever Girls

How did this wish come about?
Miles was referred to us in February, 2013 and we started planning this wish in March. We began by talking to the Chief of Police and the Mayor’s Office. Both were immediately willing to help and very enthusiastic. Next we located two batmobiles, contacted Eric Johnston, who played Batman, and talked in more detail with the family to find out what Miles liked most about Batman. We also took into consideration his age and what time of year would be best for him, in terms of his treatment schedule. We decided on a date in mid-November since we knew he would be done by treatment then, and because it worked best for the parents’ work schedule. 

How did this become such a public wish?
We rarely have opportunities for the public to participate in a wish, but we knew this wish offered that. We planned to invite volunteers and donors to join us for a ceremony at City Hall where Miles would receive the keys to the city from Mayor Ed Lee, and hoped to have approximately 200-300 in attendance based on our experience with previous public wishes.  Through the power of social media and the internet, this request was publicized widely and went viral. 

By the Numbers:

People who RSVP’d to volunteer via our website: 16,077
Estimated size of the crowd at City Hall: approximately 20,000
Number of #SFBatkid/#Batkid tweets generated (through Sunday 11/17): 545,576
% of all tweets coming from outside US: 13%
Number of countries where Batkid was discussed: 117
Total tweets: 555,697
% of all tweets that were deemed “positive”: 96%
Total Twitter Potential Reach: 777,453,544
Total Twitter Potential Impressions: 1,816,783,718
Number of Instagram photos with #SFBatkid: 16,000
Total Instagram potential reach: 19.5 million
Total Instagram potential impressions: 23.6 million
Number of hits per second to all Make-A-Wish websites during peak: 1,400
Number of staff in the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area office: 23 full time; 4 part time
Number of wishes granted by our chapter each year: approximately 350
Overall Social Impressions: 1,840,577,475 
*Numbers source: Clever Girls Collective

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Thank you to everyone who came out to witness the magic of a wish in action and for helping Miles save the day!
Miles SFbatkid Batman Saves The Day Make-A-Wish

For all media inquiries, please contact Jen Wilson at or 415.321.7388

For all volunteer questions, please contact Daniel Marlay at or 415.402.2775.


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