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Phillip's wish to go to rally racing school

Phillip Rally Car

“ I literally had the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. If I had another wish, it would be to do it all over again. 100% no doubt. ”

Phillip is 18 and longs for the open road. He’s already faced a long journey battling a spinal tumor. So when given the chance to dream, he wanted most of all for an adventure and a surprise, preferably involving Subarus. In fact, he lists his hobbies as photography and Subaru cars, and when asked what he likes to do outside, he mentions driving—you guessed it—a Subaru. “Taking pictures and driving are like therapy to me” he told his wish grantors, Heather and YooSook, during his wish interview. He especially enjoys rally racing, and was eager for a hands-on experience, an adventure and a surprise. He loves surprises.

Because of volunteers and donors like you, Phillip’s wish came true.  He woke up the morning of August 3rd pre-dawn to board his plane to Seattle. His destination: the Dirt Fish Rally School in Snoqualmie for two days of racing Subarus around a dirt course with an instructor. During one turn around the track, he even experienced a minor crash. He sheepishly confessed to his mom what happened, but later the team from Dirt Fish gifted him the side view mirror he had broken off, with all their signatures on it. Being the avid photographer he is, Phillip recorded his whole wish trip, from his plane ride, to his visit to the top of the Space Needle and his rally driving on video as a way of thanking people like you who made it possible for him to have his best adventure yet: “I’ve literally had the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. If I had another wish, it would be to do it all over again. 100% no doubt.”

The biggest thank you to everyone at Make-A-Wish. I’m really very grateful. It was so much fun! ”

— Phillip

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