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Aug 17, 2015

Six Great Facts About Nathan’s Smosh Games Wish

Ronald McDonald House and Make-A-Wish
Nathan has been living at the Ronald McDonald House® at Stanford since April. He is on the waiting list for a heart and liver transplant. His mom lives with him at the Ronald McDonald House, ready to support him through any other challenges. Nathan can count on weekend visits from his dad, but his friends and siblings are still far away. He’ll be at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford until he has his transplants and recovers.

A few weeks ago, 16-year-old Nathan had a few new friends to stand by his side: Amra Ricketts (aka Flitz) and Joshua Ovenshire (aka The Jovenshire) from the Smosh Games YouTube channel. They were there because Nathan told Make-A-Wish that he wished to meet them and play video games at The Cove – the teens-only lounge at Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

Ronald McDonald House and Make-A-Wish

  1. You’ve probably guessed that Nathan likes video games. But there’s way more to his wish than just video games. Let’s take a look at six great facts you should know about Nathan and his Smosh Games wish.

  2. Nathan had a cousin diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was 7 when she received a wish to visit her favorite theme park. She passed away from a brain tumor just months later, but Nathan still recognizes the hope the experience offered the entire family. Her parents formed a Walk For Wishes® team and named it in her memory.  Together with friends and family, Team Chloe has raised nearly $170,000 for Make-A-Wish in the last five years.  

  3. He chose to meet his favorite Smosh Games stars because he was confident that they’d do it. Amra and Joshua spent three hours with Nathan, and surprised him an X Box One and a long list of other gifts. The Smosh team has a history with Make-A-Wish. They recently granted a wish at their studios in Beverly Hills. Nathan’s wish is the fourth they’ve granted since April of 2014.

  4. Nathan also wanted Make-A-Wish to spend as little money as possible. He figured hanging out in The Cove and playing video games would allow us to do even more for other kids. He said that wishes give hope to kids when they really need it, and he wants as many other kids to enjoy a Make-A-Wish experience.

  5. There are some important connections between Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) and Make-A-Wish. The biggest – we serve kids facing life-threatening medical conditions. The Ronald McDonald House program is there to keep families close to their sick child. Make-A-Wish also offers refuge by giving eligible kids a chance to think about something beyond their medical condition, and a way to take control of some aspect of their lives.

  6. The teens-only, kids-designed Cove at Ronald McDonald House at Stanford gives teen guests some space of their own while allowing them to get much-needed medical care, to just let them be like any other teens and still be close to their families

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